Getting to the heart of the right air conditioning

Many applications place particularly high demands on air conditioning, e.g. processes and goods for which fluctuation-free temperature is essential. Wherever climate precision is required, Heidinger is exactly the right company. We have many years of experience and proven expertise in the integration of climate-control solutions for clean rooms, research environments, medical labs and precision measurement rooms.

Comfortable air conditioning in the workplace

Ambient climate can seriously affect us: extreme temperatures, drafts, and poor ventilation make people ill and reduce their capacity According to the rule of thumb of workplace ergonomists, the concentration curve drops rapidly from 28 degrees Celsius. Heidinger offers the optimal climate control solution for companies of all sizes so your team can feel comfortable at work.

Air conditioning technology in tune with the times

The use of modern air conditioning technology has become an important issue in Germany – and this has not only been the case since the latest record-breaking summers and the rapid rise in energy costs. Energy-efficient air-conditioning systems are an essential prerequisite for passive and low-energy houses; modern dust and pollen filters provide allergy sufferers with a significant improvement in their quality of life. So that you are completely comfortable, Heidinger ensures the right air conditioning: comfortable, pleasant temperatures and draught-free ventilation – and all of it operating as quietly as a whisper. We’ll be happy to advise you, please contact us.

Customised solutions for living and working spaces

Regardless of whether you want to regulate the temperature of individual living areas or a whole building, whether it is a new construction or refurbishment, our range of modern air conditioning systems covers both the “small” solution for the private customer and air conditioning for entire large-scale projects.

Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning solutions ensure optimal temperature control for living and working premises. We offer tailor-made systems for our customers – from split air conditioning systems with inverter-controlled refrigeration compressors to large-scale projects with central, modular outdoor units.
In addition to air conditioning in private facilities, we particularly offer solutions for production and office areas, IT facilities, medical and other practices, as well as air conditioning for cleanrooms and laboratories.

Customer benefits

  • Low humidity
  • Draft-free ventilation
  • Ultra-quiet appliance operation
  • Individual single-room regulation, intelligent monitoring, and controls
  • Outdoor air supply via special ventilation systems
  • Cost-saving energy recovery
  • Networking via the latest communication systems
  • Only high-quality components from well-known manufacturers are used
Präzisionsklimaanlage für konstante Raumluftbedingungen wie Temperatur, Feuchte und Stabubfreiheit

Precision air conditioning system for a constant room climate such as temperature, humidity, and freedom from dust

Die Experten für Kälte, Klima und Verfahrenstechnik