Certified Quality

The successful certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 documents what our customers have long known and appreciated: at Heidinger, quality is of paramount importance. And this is reflected not least by the solid processing and the operational reliability of our systems. It has always been our aim to remove ourselves from the competition and therefore all products from our company are subjected to a strict quality inspection. The components we use must meet our high quality requirements and are inspected by us just as the skilled work of our service providers is. The same applies to our own developments: whether welded or soldered work, interconnections, piping, programming, cabling, waterproofing or cladding – “made by Heidinger” means proven longevity.
In fact, we do not regard quality as a static condition, so the quality assurance system is never “finished”. We have an eye on the future and we want to constantly optimise our products and services, for example, by placing great importance on the scalability and uncomplicated maintenance of our systems. Our customers benefit from more than just security and reliability – at the latest by the time the next innovation in their production or process technology is due, it is a surprise to some people that the well-planned technology made by Heidinger always keeps pace.

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