Live from plant construction: the air conditioning artists in operation

The oft-quoted tinkerer spirit “made in Baden-Württemberg” can be seen in action in our workshop. Complex customer requirements are no adversary – instead they are a constant challenge when it comes to designing an effective solution and implementing it to perfection.

System Construction

With our own system construction, we offer our customers numerous practical advantages. In our workshops we produce tailor-made solutions for every application – in every dimension, in reliable top quality, and always at the latest technical level. During planning and realisation we always keep all requirements and efficiency in mind. We integrate our systems seamlessly into your peripherals and you can rely fully on perfect craftsmanship and fast performance. With more than fifty years of experience, we can provide you with precise expertise in the scaling, technology, and configuration options available, as well as indicating when the use of finished components is worthwhile.

An overview of our services

  • Planning and construction of energy-efficient refrigeration, air-conditioning, and ventilation systems for a wide range of applications.
  • Intelligent, perfectly integrated system controls, including possible remote monitoring.
  • Our systems cover temperature application ranges from -70 to +80 ° C, in the refrigeration range from 0.3 to 2,900 kW.
  • At present, Heidinger systems are used in 31 countries on five continents.
  • Our experts ensure that your system runs reliably and safely – with around 1,000 service applications annually and 350,000 kilometres of distance travelled to our customers.
Gibt es nicht von der Stange sondern nur bei Heidinger: Pump- und Regelstation nach Kundenspezifikation aus eigenem Anlagenbau

High-efficiency cooling unit with 100% heat recovery, cooling water temperature +20°C for oil cooling.

Feinjustiert, vormontiert und fertig zum Aufbau beim Kunden

Finely adjusted, pre-assembled, and ready to install at the customer’s location.

Die Experten für Kälte, Klima und Verfahrenstechnik