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Since 2005 the Kyoto Protocol’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy have been binding. In addition to power plants and road traffic, building and air conditioning engineering as well as the energetic optimisation of industry soon became a decisive topic to achieve the ambitious targets.
It is about protecting our environment, our health, and the economical use of valuable resources. Our Greentec business line meets these objectives precisely and offers innovative and synergic solutions – with the latest technology and interdisciplinary thinking.

Combined Heat and Cooling

How it works: combined heat and cooling made by Heidinger
Most technicians know the CHP technology (combining heat and power) – our step forward could be named CHCP, a technology which couples the generation of heat, energy, and cooling. Particularly in industrial plants, or specific process cooling systems, considerable savings potentials can be realised and energy efficiency can be significantly improved.
 For example, with this CHP system designed & realised by Heidinger:


  • 2 x combined heat and power system for the simultaneous production of electrical energy (405 kW each) and heat energy (538 kW each) with hot water storage – total efficiency of the system 90.23%.
  • Heat supply system with heating rail for supplying the building heating systems for the air conditioning systems and the air heaters for the existing halls as well as the energy supply of the refrigeration system.
  • Refrigeration with ~ 700 kW cooling capacity is carried out by means of an absorption chiller and recooler with spray humidification (performance per recooler 850 kW) on the roof for cooling the existing halls and machine cooling.
Absorbtionskältemaschine - aus Wärme (BHKW) wird Kälte erzeugt. Kälteleistung 600 KW

It's simply a question of absorption.
Heidinger absorption chillers.

Heat that becomes cold
Approximately 90% of the refrigeration systems used worldwide are based on conventional compression refrigeration units which are operated directly by electrical energy. Wherever possible, Heidinger relies on energy-saving combined heat and power – a key element of this technology is the conversion of heat into usable refrigeration by means of what are called absorption chillers. Particularly in the industrial environment, where high heat energy volumes and the requirements of precise process cooling often meet, our experienced specialists can achieve immense savings potential through well-designed design and system calibration.
Absorbtionskältemaschine - aus Wärme (BHKW) wird Kälte erzeugt. Kälteleistung 600 KW
Absorption refrigeration machine (cold is generated by heat CHP) cooling capacity 600 KW

Bring the Power back!

Heat recovery
The high art of designing a system with optimal utilisation consists, among other things, of the correct scaling and intelligent mix of the techniques used. As a rounding off or as an alternative to highly efficient refrigeration absorption, the Heidinger team has continuously developed the technology of heat recovery. With our many years of experience in the field of cooling and air conditioning technology, we are able to make use of the waste heat generated during cooling, e.g. for hot water preparation and heating. We build and assemble tailor-made systems for every requirement and architectural design – and this is exactly what our customers value.
Lüftungs- und Klimasystem mit 55.000 m3/h und integrierter Wärmerückgewinnung
Ventilation and air conditioning system with 55,000 m3/h and integrated heat recovery
Lüftungs- und Klimasystem mit 55.000 m3/h und integrierter Wärmerückgewinnung
Heat pump unit with steplessly variable power control for cooling the production processes and at the same time using the waste heat to heat the building

It's high time for an alternative
refrigerating agent.

Do you know about GWP?
GWP stands for “global warming potential” and describes how harmful a substance is to the environment. In the course of this, so-called fluorinated refrigerants have become the focus. For decades there was no alternative to “halogenated” refrigerants. In fact, these gases deplete the ozone layer and have a high global warming potential. So it’s high time to use a new refrigerant with low GWP. For process cooling, we use the low GWP media R1234ze (GWP 7), for cooling facilities we choose the natural media CO2 (GWP 1). 
From 2020 onwards, no new refrigeration systems with HFCs (halogenated fluorohydrocarbons) with more than 2500 GWP will be allowed to be installed. Since the use of these substances in existing systems will predictably be limited, too, it is high time to switch. If you have any questions on this topic or your old system, please contact us – we’ll be happy to help.

Absorbtionskältemaschine - aus Wärme (BHKW) wird Kälte erzeugt. Kälteleistung 600 KW

Intelligent control

Perfectly integrated and programmed for efficiency
Those who are informed about the current technical state of intelligent control technology will be familiar with the terms Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of things). Through the optimal networking of our innovative control technology and deep implementation in the technical environment, optimum efficiency is not the only thing we offer. Control technology from Heidinger offers you all the advantages you can expect from a modern system: data transparency, optional assistance systems, scalability, open interfaces. With our own structure of control technology and careful selection of the components, we ensure a high degree of quality. And, of course, we are always open to your visions and the joint development of the connected systems.

  • Intelligent & energy-efficient interplay of refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation technology as well as the technical peripherals of our customers
  • Tailor-made programming of control technology from our own company according to customer requirements
  • Control cabinet construction for our cooling, air conditioning, and ventilation solutions in-house
  • Exclusive use of components from well-known manufacturers
  • Monitoring of the system is possible for continuous control of efficient and smooth operation of the system

Breathing freely.
Ventilation technology from Heidinger.

Well ventilated
When is the air in a room actually “good”?  If you would like to know exactly, you can take a look at the the VDI guidelines – VDI 6022 / sheet 3 defines room air quality and the assessment of room air quality precisely. In fact, there is hardly any area that is as important to our health as the quality of the air we breathe – and in this area we are truly experts. Heidinger offers:

  • Ventilation for production halls / offices
  • Planning and design with state-of-the-art building planning software from our own company and decades of experience
  • Air conditioning systems with high-efficiency heat recovery units
  • Exclusive use of high-quality ventilation technology, which meets or exceeds the highest standards of the current energy efficiency guidelines
  • Clean room installations
  • Machine extraction
Draft-free air distribution via textile hoses
Perfectly adapted solutions for production, storage, and assembly halls of any size and specification

Die Experten für Kälte, Klima und Verfahrenstechnik