Funding Consulting

Fewer CO2 emissions, higher energy savings, and cleaner air are important concerns in today’s world. They are so important that our state rewards investments in environmental protection with attractive funding bonuses. Because the funding quotas and conditions change rapidly in political life, at this point we cannot make any long term reliable statements. However, we can report that the funding quota for 2016 was around 15% on average. Not only are complete, new installations supported, but overhaul measures as well, which is why it may be interesting in individual cases to bring forward upcoming investments. Air conditioning projects are complex, especially in the industrial sector, and the savings potential can generally only be estimated by professionals. As experienced experts in this field, we accompany you with good advice and provide all the services for the expertise necessary for your plans. On this basis, you can plan your investment accurately and our reliable partners help you on the journey to optimal funding.

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