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verschneiter Wald

One Vision.

With our projects, we aspire to set new standards in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

As a successful company in the field of process, building, and supply engineering, we specialize in refrigeration, air conditioning, and process engineering - and have been doing so for almost 60 years.

Our Philosophy


We are passionate about what we do. A high standard accompanies us in our work because we strive to be the best in everything we do. Our focus is on creating a work environment that reflects the significance and value of each individual within our company.

What do we base ourselves on?

Our value foundation is based on three important pillars:

  1. Our team

  2. Our customers

  3. Our suppliers

You can find more information on this and on the foundation of the pillars summarized in a speech by our managing director, Karin Heidinger.


We trust each other, thereby fostering a strong and reliable work culture.

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