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Control Engineering


Control engineering is a crucial component of many industrial processes and systems. It encompasses the planning, development, and implementation of systems that automatically control and monitor machinery and equipment. At Heidinger Cooling Systems, we understand the importance of control engineering and offer our customers comprehensive solutions to optimize and streamline their production processes. By implementing control systems, many workflows can be automated, leading to increased production speed, reduced errors, and overall more efficient resource utilization.


Precision &

Effective control technology enables precise control of machinery and equipment. This allows production processes to be carried out with higher accuracy, improving the quality of the end products. Modern control systems are highly flexible and can be easily adjusted to meet changing requirements. This enables companies to quickly respond to market trends and customer needs without compromising efficiency.

Monitoring &
Error Detection

Control systems continuously monitor the operation of machinery and equipment, detecting potential errors or malfunctions early on. This allows problems to be quickly identified and rectified before they escalate into major failures. Modern control engineering also facilitates the seamless integration of various systems and equipment. This enables efficient data exchange and analysis, leading to improved overall control and optimization of production processes.



A collaborative project of the future.

At Kappler CNC in Birkenfeld, the companies Cabero, ebm-papst neo, and Heidinger Kühlsysteme are creating a digital twin of the existing recooling system. The AI-supported analysis of sensor data enables significant improvements in efficiency and operational safety, as well as entirely new prognostic capabilities.


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