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Our service.
A promise.

In product-sensitive areas of industry, a reliable partner is essential.

We're here for you - day and night, whenever you need us.

Exclusive services

The regular maintenance and inspection of refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation systems by Heidinger's service ensures continuous operational readiness and acts preventively to avoid malfunctions. By entering into a corresponding maintenance contract with us, you also fulfill the relevant requirements and applicable laws for the operation of refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. If a malfunction does occur, our Heidinger service is always available. Our experienced personnel provide rapid assistance in emergencies with modern and well-equipped service vehicles.

The maintenance contract.

24/7 benefits.

The all-round service.

  • Minimization of incidents

  • Preservation of your facilities

  • Compliance with legal requirements

  • Monitoring of deadlines by Heidinger

  • Optional remote monitoring of facilities

Service-Professionals on Tour.

For many Heidinger customers, excellent service is one of the most important decision criteria when choosing technology partners. This includes well-organized maintenance services, good accessibility, and fast emergency assistance when needed. Especially in the field of technical building equipment (TGA) and process cooling, only a comprehensive service offering ensures the quality and reliability in the long term.


24/7 at your service.

Top-notch service has always been a top priority at Heidinger.

Flexibility is of the utmost priority in the service sector. To be maximally mobile, each technician has their own service vehicle. On board, they carry an impressive range of tools and many common spare parts.


Subsidy Cosultancy

We help you.

Reducing CO2 emissions, increasing energy savings, and ensuring clean air are important concerns of our time. So important that our government rewards many investments in environmental protection with attractive subsidies. Since subsidy rates and conditions can change quickly in political life, we cannot make long-term reliable statements at this point. However, we can report that the subsidy rate averaged 15% in 2016. Not only complete new installations are funded, but also overhaul measures, for example. Therefore, it may well be interesting in individual cases to bring forward upcoming investments. Climate technology projects are complex, especially in the industrial sector, and the potential for savings is usually only assessable by experts. As experienced professionals in the field, we accompany you with good advice and all services for the necessary expertise and your plans. Based on this, you can plan your investment precisely, and our proven partners will help you on the way to optimal funding.


Get in touch with us.

We would be happy to create a tailor-made maintenance and service offer for you. If desired, we will gladly send you the current billing rates.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht.

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