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In the refrigeration technology division, Heidinger GmbH & Co. KG designs and implements the right solutions for all locations where precisely defined ambient temperatures and air qualities are required: food producers, MedTech companies, metal and plastic specialists, and much more.
Our conclusion from our fifty years of practice: There is no routine. Technical environments are constantly changing, every process has its own individual parameters, every requirement its own solution.

In order to offer our customers optimum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we bring in our extensive know-how and commitment as well as our many years of experience. We have detailed knowledge of the latest technologies, are in close contact with various manufacturers of refrigeration components and provide our employees with ongoing training. This helps us, for example, to handle even complex tasks with confidence and to develop cost-effective and future-proof solutions at all times.

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DSC04805 1.jpg
DSC04805 1.jpg

The entire water system is characterized by modular construction and maximum operational reliability, as well as integrated heat recovery systems.

Total installed cooling capacity: 2,970 kW

Here you can find some of our facilities:

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