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We understand the unique requirements and challenges of the food industry and take pride in offering solutions that are not only efficient and reliable but also meet the strictest hygiene standards.

Special Plant Construction -
New solutions,
every day.

Sensitive goods, precise target temperatures: The requirements of the food industry pose some of the greatest challenges for refrigeration technicians. High cost-effectiveness and seamless integration are always at the forefront.

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200 kW cooling capacity, for a precisely designed cooling route.

Approximately 30 refrigerated truck tours are dispatched per harvest season.

Rich Harvest

When a renowned customer nationwide was searching for a producer capable of delivering freshly harvested fruits already pre-cooled, it initially seemed like an insurmountable task. No wonder, as there is no off-the-shelf solution for cooling berries precisely to the point. The freshly harvested and mashed berries needed to be rapidly cooled down to 4 degrees Celsius before being picked up by the refrigerated tanker trucks—26 square meters per load, traversing Germany.

Success Factor

As experts, Heidinger Cooling Systems had to set up a stable and highly sensitive system that precisely matched the specific viscosity of the fresh berry mash and met the temperature requirements of the customers without freezing the berries.


After the planning phase, which involved determining all the fundamental project parameters, the system was installed "turnkey" in 2019 in just three weeks.

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2x30 cubic meters with an innovative cooling route in between.

New Ways

Innovation creates new perspectives.


In addition to weather conditions like rain and sun, rising competitive pressure and high customer demands are among the challenges farmers face on a daily basis. But here too, the motto applies:


With innovations from Heidinger, many obstacles can be optimized.


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Our refrigeration engineers are the experts in innovative custom plant construction.


Interface for the circulation pump to the heat exchanger.

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