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Projects in the industrial sector.

Partner of the industry

In the industry, reliable cooling is crucial for smooth and efficient operations. Whether it's cooling production plants, warehouses, or other industrial facilities, at Heidinger Cooling Systems, we understand the unique requirements that come with industrial projects. Our years of experience and deep expertise enable us to develop innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.


What more could one ask for?

Environmentally friendly KFW55 standard in a climate-optimized production environment.

at Kappler CNC

Precision tolerates no temperature fluctuations, as they can alter the geometry and surfaces of tools and materials. With integrated process temperature control perfectly adapted to various procedures, Heidinger ensures precise manufacturing.


Through intelligent control systems, stable thermal accuracy is guaranteed, with fluctuations largely minimized (depending on the process, up to <0.2 Kelvin).


The low-maintenance system provides constant monitoring at numerous measuring points and ensures an optimum level of process stability.

Climate-technical total work of art

  • Energetic Optimization / Thermal Precision

  • Additional security through integrated remote system

  • Reliable dimensional accuracy

  • Optimal operational safety

  • Highest efficiency in heat transfer

  • Temperature-related scrap virtually zero


On the road to Riad:
Gas supply systems of the Schick Group


This ammonia application system can be deployed on any site and has already been configured in Vaihingen/Enz for the power grid in the Arab region.

Plant technology from Heidinger

Around 70% of German exports come from medium-sized companies. This includes the gas supply systems of the Schick Group from Vaihingen/Enz. Schick designs and implements systems for a global customer base, including regions with extreme climatic conditions such as the Arabian Peninsula. The systems for supplying ammonia and sulfur dioxide are needed in many process engineering areas, for example, in the heat treatment of metals for protective gas generation. The field is so specialized that only a few experts in complex applications can be found worldwide.

On behalf of the supply duty

As experts in the broad field of refrigeration technology, Heidinger Kühlsysteme supplies the Schick Group with integrated system solutions, as in the case of the ammonia application.


In this instance, an innovative solution comes from our in-house manufacturing: a cold brine set with special voltage and a cooling capacity of 2.8 kW.


Additionally, a control cabinet from our own production is provided, featuring main and control circuits.


Precise craftmanship: 
HES Erkert.

In a comprehensive project at the HES Manufacturing Park, where approximately 750 machines are in operation, Heidinger Cooling Systems was able to implement powerful technology for temperature control, air conditioning, and ventilation within just 6 months (while the business operations were ongoing).


The challenge encompassed not only managing the significant thermal load from waste heat but also establishing an efficient central hall air conditioning system.

Tech Facts: Construction Hall

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