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Heidinger Greentec.

For our future.

Grow Your Vision.

It's about protecting our environment, our health, and the efficient use of valuable resources.


It's about us.


Our Greentec business sector reflects these objectives precisely and offers innovative and synergistic solutions - with the latest technology and interdisciplinary thinking.


For the Environment.

It's high time for alternative refrigerants.


Since 2005, the efforts declared in the Kyoto Protocol to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy have been binding. In order to achieve the ambitious goals, building and air conditioning technology as well as the energy optimization of industry soon became a key issue in addition to power plants and road traffic.

On Point.

Heidinger Greentech stands for high efficiency and truly resource-saving custom plant construction. Our systems impress with precise, intelligently controlled refrigeration and ventilation technology, high synergies, and maximally optimized efficiency.

Look forward to a rapid return on investment.




Combined Heat, Power, and Cooling

The CHP technology combines the generation of heat, energy and cold. Particularly in industrial plants or in specific process cooling systems, significant savings potential can be realized and energy efficiency can thus be significantly improved. CHP plants, for example, are also integrated here.


Clean Cooling

GWP stands for the so-called "Global Warming Potential", i.e. it describes the environmental damage caused by a substance. As a result, so-called fluorinated refrigerants will no longer be permitted from 2030. Heidinger Kühlsysteme has been using alternative refrigerants such as propane or ammonia for decades. It is therefore high time to switch. If you have any questions about this topic or your "old system", just contact us - we will be happy to advise you.


Heat Recovery

As a complement or alternative to highly efficient cold absorption, the Heidinger team has continuously developed the technology of heat recovery. With our many years of experience in the field of cooling and air conditioning technology, we are able to make the waste heat generated during cooling usable to a high degree, e.g. for hot water preparation and heating. We build and install precisely designed systems for every requirement and every architectural design - and that is exactly what our customers appreciate.


Ventilation technology

In fact, there is hardly any area that is as important to our health as the quality of the air we breathe - and we are truly experts in this field. Our portfolio includes, for example, the ventilation of production halls and offices, planning and design using the latest building technology planning software from our own company or the construction of air conditioning systems with highly efficient heat recovery units.


Absorption Refrigeration Machines

Around 90% of the refrigeration systems used worldwide are based on conventional compression refrigeration units that are powered directly by electrical energy. Wherever possible, Heidinger relies on energy-saving combined heat and power (CHP) systems - a key aspect of this technology is the conversion of heat into usable cold using so-called absorption chillers. Particularly in industrial environments, where high levels of heat energy and the requirements of precise process cooling often come together, our experienced specialists can realize immense savings potential through well-coordinated design and system calibration.


Intelligent Control

Through the optimal networking of our innovative control technology and the deep implementation in the technical environment, we not only achieve optimum efficiency. Control technology from Heidinger offers you all the advantages you would expect from a modern system: data transparency, optional assistance systems, scalability, open interfaces.

Clean Cooling

Heidinger has been using alternative refrigerants for decades - and is therefore one of the professionals when it comes to handling ammonia, propane or CO2. In our in-house plant construction, we take the customer's circumstances and wishes into account and, by building sustainable refrigeration systems, we set an important example for innovation, inventiveness and sustainability.

Prepare for the future. 

Propane as an alternative refrigerant

Under pressure from climate change and the growing need to take environmentally friendly measures, the EU has stepped up its efforts to regulate the use of hydrofluorocarbons by 2030. Heidinger Kühlsysteme has been using environmentally friendly, alternative refrigerants such as propane (R290) for decades. The new regulations are an opportunity to continue to be a pioneer in sustainable practices. Heidinger continues to actively promote technological openness.


PRO Environment.
PRO Innovation.

Heidinger's R290-based heat pump concept:

The system offers 360kW of power, with a powerful center comprising four Bitzer compressors and four highly efficient evaporators in XXXL size. The system is housed in an EXOBOX, with separate circuits ensuring that all propane remains outside the building.

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