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Heidinger Energy Systems

The future of energy.

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Heidinger Energiesysteme combines craftsmanship with visionary start-up spirit.


With over 50 years of practical experience in commercial building services engineering, Heidinger offers visionary concepts and state-of-the-art technologies for various commercial applications.

Thinking inside the box.

Energy Systems

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Intelligent Energy

Secure supply | Economical | Maximum efficiency

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In pursuit of energy self-sufficiency

This is how Heidinger brings heat pumps to peak performance.

By integrating state-of-the-art heat pumps with specially developed control technology into a customer environment, the precisely designed system typically achieves high COP values >04. Combined with modern PV, heat pump technology significantly increases the self-sufficiency of our customers. Depending on customer requirements, our technicians can expand the performance range of standard systems

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Energy Autonomy

LNG | CHP | Heat Pump | Battery Storage

More information can be found in this presentation from our Tech Series.


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Interdisciplinary & highly intelligent

Heidinger Energiesysteme maximizes the use of every bit of energy deployed and actively seeks synergies. This enhances energy efficiency, for example, through waste heat utilization. Valuable thermal energies are recovered from air, brine, and various process media. Even cold generated during LNG regasification can be utilized.

Moderne Rotationstauscher
Kältezentrale, Rückkühler & Wärmepumpe
Leistungsfähige Puffer
mit PV Anlage kombinierbar

Partner of the industry

Through close contact with reputable manufacturers of heat pumps, PV modules, and many other components, Heidinger's experts are always familiar with the latest technical developments. In addition to developing new storage technologies, such as sustainable battery storage systems, Heidinger is actively involved in electrolysis systems for hydrogen production and AI-based forecasting systems for remote monitoring of facilities.

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