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ThinkTank. Space Saver. Energy Hub.

The transition to new energy systems raises many questions, such as how the new technology can be accommodated and how long the work will be interrupted during a conversion.


Heidinger solves these problems with an innovation:


The ExoBox.


Space Saver

In the Heidinger ExoBox, the entire technology for a building can be outsourced, for example, to the roof, directly next to the PV system. The 40-foot container creates space and construction measures can be minimized.

Energy Hub

The ExoBox offers ample space and is delivered fully pre-fabricated. From now on, a large part of the climate and energy-related technical building services can be decoupled and made mobile.


This can be particularly important when the customer's production facilities need to be expanded or modified.


Thinking inside the box.

Energy Systems

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Our Peak Performances for You

  • Single point of contact from planning and engineering to construction and after-sales support.

  • Practical and cost-effective solutions to increase individual autonomy.

  • Programming and construction of overarching intelligent control and monitoring systems that are user-friendly and transparent for the customer.

  • In-house manufacturing of systems and pre-fabrication to shorten on-site assembly and installation work.

  • Over 55 years of experience in energy efficiency and technical building equipment.

  • Visionary concepts thinking outside the box for your benefit.

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