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Whether it's about cooling production machinery or air conditioning office and manufacturing spaces - Heidinger's customized cooling systems are used in various locations. In the apprenticeship occupation of mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology, you work in a young team and ensure that others keep a cool head. We want to support you individually on your journey and further develop your strengths.


The apprenticeship at Heidinger


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Process of the Apprenticeship

The apprenticeship takes place in the dual system. The theoretical knowledge acquired at the vocational school in Leonberg is practically applied and deepened in our company. Our company plans, constructs, and maintains refrigeration systems. During your training with us, you will learn these activities and gradually carry them out yourself – thus becoming an expert.

A video is worth a thousand words:

Here you can find a video summarizing all the information about the apprenticeship.

You are:

You are flexible, resilient, creative, and skilled with your hands. To learn the exciting profession of refrigeration mechatronics technician, you should have a secondary school leaving certificate.

And what comes next?

Meister+ is our in-house qualification program designed to accompany you on your journey into practice after your apprenticeship. The program aims to deepen your knowledge gained during your apprenticeship. Instead of a theory-heavy university degree, you complete our training program and thus obtain the master's title within three years. We specifically focus on your interests and strengths to individually promote them and pave your way into a flourishing industry.


Instead of University:

Meister+ Program

The apprenticeship as a refrigeration and air conditioning mechatronics technician is completed.


And then?

For some, pursuing a highly theoretical university education may not be the right path.


That's why we offer our graduates an internal qualification program to help them continue their education even after their apprenticeship.


The program spans three years in total, with the focus shifting each year.

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Practical Year:

You will go through all competency areas and gain practical experience in each field."


Focus Year:

You choose a competency field that you particularly like and work in it in-depth. Gradually, you take on partial areas in this field and specialize


Theoretical year:


You will attend one school year at the Meisterschule Maintal/Frankfurt and receive theoretical master training. You will complete the program with the title of Master.

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We are always on the lookout for new dedicated team members. Therefore, we look forward to hearing from you.




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